Loose Weight Quick with Water

Loose Weight Quick with Water

Fact: Drinking water increases fat burning

Why? The reason lies within two things, the liver and kidneys.

Most people do not know that your liver is your major fat burning organ. When you drink too little water, you enter into a state of mild dehydration. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on your kidneys because there is no water to process.

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That’s when your liver has to take over. When it does this, it shuts down its fat burning capabilities. By the way, most people are walking around in a mild state of dehydration. When you become thirsty, it is already too late… you are dehydrated.

So by properly hydrating your body, it allows your kidneys to ramp up and do all the filtering, leaving the liver to do what he does best-burn fat.

If you’re looking to loose weight quick you must not only follow a good weight loss program and nutritional diet, but you also must drink plenty of water during the day. And that doesn’t mean drink every time you thirsty, that means drinking when you’re not thirsty.

Without getting into all the formulas people have on how much you should drink according to how much you weigh etc. etc., make sure you at least drink 4 quarts of water a day, or at least try.

And here’s a super trick anyone can do. Drink 16 ounces of pure water 15 minutes for you eat.

It is a well-known fact, backed by research, drinking water prior to meals significantly decreased the amount of food consumed.

Drinking water before a meal also does one other thing extremely important. Drinking that much water causes the body to increase its core temperature slightly. Technically that’s called thermogenesis, and in plain English that means your body temperature rises, which causes you to burn fat.

So you get three benefits:

More Appetite Control

Fat Burning or thermogenesis

No Stress on the Liver… more fat burning

Who would’ve thought the water was the ultimate fat burner, and the ultimate way to loose weight quick. Drinking water is just one part of the equation, you need a solid weight loss program as well. Here’s one of the best, check it out…