Liquid Diet Weight Loss

Liquid Diet Weight Loss

A liquid diet weight loss plan is a good way to lose weight quickly, but normally this is something that is done for a short period of time only to kick start your program.  Alternatively, it is something that is done in conjunction with healthy eating, so overall you are taking in fewer calories a day.

There are many different types of liquid diets depending on the result you are trying to achieve.  Sometimes for example, it is something requested by your Doctor if you have a certain illness or you have undergone some type of surgery.

There are liquid diets you can buy on the market which are very effective and popular, such as the Slim Fast Program and Optifast.  These will normally replace your main meals and contain the nutrients necessary to stay healthy while losing weight at the same time.

As mentioned, if you are going to go strictly on a liquid only diet, then you normally wouldn’t it longer than 2 weeks at a time.  However, it will be different for Slimfast and Optifast as they have been specifically been designed for weight loss purposes.  It is quite possible to lose 20-30 pounds in weight just from a two week program like this.

It is important that you consult your Doctor about the program you are going on to make sure it is safe and you will receive the required nutrients.

A big benefit of going on a diet that is mostly liquid based, is your stomach will be given the chance to shrink.  One of the most effective ways of losing weight is to reduce food portion sizes so that you don’t need to eat as much food to feel full.

You may feel quite hungry for the first few days, but you will be surprised how quickly this passes, and how little food you need in the future to feel full.

Typically, a liquid diet will consist of milkshakes, soups, green tea, water and fruit juices.  If you are drinking juices which are bought from the shops, you need to check the contents to make sure they don’t contain lots of added sugar, otherwise you could be getting more calories than normal.

When on a liquid diet, you also need to make sure you are still getting lots of protein, this could be from supplements, or certain types of vegetables, but normally they will be present in weight loss shakes that have been pre-made.

If your diet is largely based on juices, then try and use organic fruit and vegetables.  Not only will it help you lose weight but you will also receive your daily requirement of vitamins and will help with your digestion too.

Vegetables that are high in fibre are especially good for this.  The better your digestion is, the quicker the food can be processed so it isn’t sitting around in your stomach for too long.

Liquid diet weight loss programs have proven to be successful for millions of people, but it is advised to try those that are pre-made at first, as these have been designed and formulated by dieticians that are experts in their field, so will be more likely to give you the desired result.