A Man Set Out to Conquer The World

I am a 20 year old Biology major with the desire to become a chiropractor. Aside from school, I play soccer and dive at the college level. I train to show that anybody can achieve their desired physique no matter how busy you are, or what life throws at you. I train to beat who I was yesterday, and to keep improving my physique. With a positive attitude, there is nothing that I cannot achieve.

I started training during middle school, but only did it for the abs not for a well-rounded physique. During my freshmen year of college, my uncle, who had taught me everything I know about training, committed suicide. This was easily the most devastating loss in my life because we were so close to one another and trained together many times. After about a month, I decided that if we couldn’t train together anymore, I would train for me, as well as my uncle. After about a year of figuring out how my body responded to daily training, I started to focus on specific muscle groups, and to count my macros. If it wasn’t for my uncle showing me how to lift 5 pound dumbbells, I don’t think I would be where I am today.

Simeon Panda has been a key motivational figure for me. I watch his YouTube training videos when I can’t sleep or when I’m hungry for a new exercise.

I start my morning off with some BCAA’s, oats and eggs. Then I go to work and have chicken and rice for lunch. When I get home I train either arms, chest, shoulders, back, or legs, and then I take BCAA’s and drink a slow release protein shake. After that I have some kind of protein and lots of vegetables. After that I train abs and take more BCAA’s and another slow release protein shake.

This is only the beginning for my aesthetic career. I want to grow more muscle while maintaining my shredded form. However, my career as a chiropractor is what I want to achieve so I can make a living while still being able to train.